Who are we ?



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We are a French family, François, Catherine, Olivier and Gaëlle, respectively 58, 40, 19, 14 ...now 66, 48, 27, 22, actually 74,55, 35, 30 years old (time flies!).

And we made our life to live onboard our sailing yacht for many years.

The Captain, François, has been sailing since he was a child with his father and family, left France in 1975 sailing to Africa, West Indies, Venezuela, Panama, Peru, Galapagos, Marquises and French Polynesia, met in Tahiti his lovely wife, stayed in New Caledonia for few years, then, with two new crew members, at that time aged 7 and 2, sailed away again towards SE Asia through Vanuatu, Solomon, Papua, Northern Territories of Australia, and to Indonesia where Windcall participate to the first Bali-Jakarta yacht race (being awarded 3rd), headed to Singapore and Malaysia /Thailand. His experience is a guaranty for good security. Originally trained in a business school, his life made him a man of all trade, able to any kind of skill, from cooking to any repair on board.


Catherine met and married François in Tahiti where she was studying to be a nurse. They purchased Windcall together in Nouméa and she revealed herself as the best crew, taking care, first of all, of the children schooling, together with the food and beverage (yes we do eat the best!) and participating to all the maintenance, navigation etc.., being actually the very master on board!!


The children, almost born on Windcall, are true fishes, and able to show you the best of the snorkeling, both of them speak English as well as French and are truly part of the entertainment of our everyday life.