What we offer



We propose you to join us on a trip between Malaysia and Thailand, taking advantage of the nice tropical weather, sailing and fishing, snorkeling or lazing around, visiting small islands with sandy beaches, crystal clear water, barbecues and a lot of fun.

You might start from Phuket/PhiPhi to Langkawi/Penang or reverse, and customize your trip, (we will propose you different options to fit your taste and feeling).



 We welcome two to four, children (over 5 years old) included (under their parent's survey and responsibility). Larger groups could be splited on two (or more) yachts, all of them being close friends, we guaranty quality and service.



 You do not need any sailing experience. You will be proposed some learning in sailing/navigating.



 This is not a "charter"! but a life experience. That is to say you will have to be part of the "team", being involved in all what is our family sailing life.

 So, pick up your swimming gear, sunglasses and a cap,  
jump in your plane, we are just waiting for you

ON BOARD: We (you) are to be very relax!

Only one rule applies: get the best of it!




We cook French, international (but not vegetarian), fishes, shells, meat of all kind, lot of fruits and vegetables. You will be entitled to share your best recipes with us !